One of the most effective techniques for promoting products and services is email marketing. This particular marketing method stands out for its immediacy and versatility for various purposes.

Email Marketing for Tourism Businesses is an excellent means of communication. You can connect with your audience and inform them about upcoming trips, events, offers, or even send personalized emails based on the preferences of your existing customers.

Most internet users open their emails daily, and even if they delete an email beforehand, they have still seen it, so your emails do not go unnoticed.

Why choose Web in Tourism

At Web in Tourism, we dynamically introduce your tourism business to the constantly growing field of email marketing. We target both existing customers and potential new customers from Greece and abroad.

We create and manage business accounts, study the unique characteristics of your business, and develop campaigns tailored to the tourism industry.

We design personalized newsletters, organize the structure and setup of templates, always in harmony with your digital identity and the style of your brand.

We provide detailed statistical data after each email campaign.

We strengthen the online brand of your tourism business even through email marketing.

We conduct A/B testing in cases where there is a large number of recipients to determine the most effective email.

We respect and always comply with GDPR.