A modern tourism business must provide customers with the ability to easily and quickly make reservations, whether it’s for a hotel room, a restaurant table, or tickets for activities and services offered by any tourism-related enterprise.

Reservation management should also be done in an easy way from the side of the tourism business, utilizing automated processes from the first to the last step of the booking.

Internationally, customers’ lack of time, technological advancements (fast internet, more modern devices) result in customers wanting to proceed to booking and paying either a portion or the full amount when they find something they like.

This also benefits the tourism business, as the option for direct payment not only enhances the business’s credibility but also ‘commits’ the customer (they book when they want to).

WEB In Tourism, equipped with specialized knowledge, can develop and customize a reservation system for you, always tailored to the needs of your business.

Do you have a hotel?

We can create and customize a reservation system that includes charges for different room types, offers with expiration dates, and integration with platforms like Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, and other platforms.

Do you have a restaurant?

We can create a reservation system where customers can even prepay an amount before arriving at your restaurant. We can divide your business into separate zones with tables, different charges per zone, or per menu/meal, etc. We can customize the reservation system to charge per person, with different rates for specific dates.

Do you have a tourism business with activities or a boat, car and motorbike/bike rental business?

Do you have a business that performs transfers as well as custom / tailor made trips and excursions?

We can create a modern and efficient reservation system for all these cases, adapted to your needs, responding to the requirements of your audience.

We can make your business work based on modern digital needs. Leave this to us, and you can focus on other areas of developing your business.

See below our DEMO for tourism-related websites that could use a reservation system for an immediate increase in sales.

In a reservation system, we can adjust the service price based on booking dates and the number of individuals.

We can also customize the reservation system to include other fields (e.g., extra options, such as equipment rental, etc.).

Payment from the customer can be made either through PayPal or credit card.

Such a reservation system can be customized and used by any type of business, not just tourism-related ones (e.g., playgrounds, escape rooms, etc.).

If you want to see a DEMO for a reservation system for a hotel website, contact us at info@webintourism.gr.”